Front Panel Flat Embroidery

Up to 10,000 stitches included

Front Panel 3-D Embroidery

$5.00(A) added to decorated pricing
(Up to 10,000 stitches)

Side or Back Panel Embroidery

$1.80(A) Up to 5,000 stitches

Across Back Seam Embroidery

$1.80(A) Up to 5,000 stitches

Fabric Strap Embroidery

$1.30(A) Up to 3,500 stitches

Screen Print

$2.20(A) 1 color only
Excludes Polyester Fabric

2nd Embroidery Location on Knits

$3.10 (A) up to 10,000 stitches

Custom Sewn-In Label

$0.30(A) red, blue and black ink colors available (please choose only two)

American Flag Embroidered Patch

$5.00 (A) added to decorated price. 1.5"w X 1"h
5-7 day turn time

Faux Fur Pom

$5.00 (A)
Add to any knit cap style (excludes RKH12 and RKL12)

Extra Stitches:

$0.70 (A) per every 1,000 stitches or fraction thereof.

Metallic Thread:

Add $0.80(A) each. Gold and silver mylar available.

Please click HERE for our Embroidery Spec Sheet.


Contract Embroidery:

Per Piece running charge, Column Pricing: (A)

Select Quanity:

4,000 stitches$7.10
5,000 stitches$7.50
6,000 stitches$8.20
7,000 stitches$8.80
8,000 stitches$9.30
9,000 stitches$9.70
Each Additional 1,000 stitches$.70
4,000 stitches$6.10
5,000 stitches$6.50
6,000 stitches$7.20
7,000 stitches$7.80
8,000 stitches$8.30
9,000 stitches$8.70
Each Additional 1,000 stitches$.70
4,000 stitches$5.10
5,000 stitches$5.50
6,000 stitches$6.20
7,000 stitches$6.80
8,000 stitches$7.30
9,000 stitches$7.70
Each Additional 1,000 stitches$.70
4,000 stitches$4.10
5,000 stitches$4.50
6,000 stitches$5.20
7,000 stitches$5.80
8,000 stitches$6.30
9,000 stitches$6.70
Each Additional 1,000 stitches$.70
4,000 stitches$3.10
5,000 stitches$3.50
6,000 stitches$4.20
7,000 stitches$4.80
8,000 stitches$5.30
9,000 stitches$5.70
Each Additional 1,000 stitches$.70

Edit Disc Charges

In the event it becomes necessary to edit the existing disc to ensure quality embroidery on the wearable soft good product at hand, a $30.00(A) fee will be assessed. The same fee will apply for adding or deleting one line of copy to an existing disc. If it is necessary to reduce the existing disc to fit the garment or soft good, an edit fee of $30.00(A) will apply. Maximum enlargement or reduction is 20% of the original size.

Embroidery Minimums

A minimum order for contract embroidery consists of no less than 12 pieces. All orders consisting of less than 12 pieces for embroidery will be assessed a Less Than Minimum (LTM) charge of $50.00(A).

Rush Charges

Rush order charge for less than 5 days production, 30% of total order.<br>

  • *Splitting bulk vendor orders $40.00(A) per split.

Additional Information

2% damage allowance with a minimum of 1 piece for flat embroidery. 10% damage allowance with a minimum of 1 piece for 3D embroidery. If exact quantity is needed, sending over per size is recommended. Contact customer service for current production schedule.<br>

*Contract embroidery on heavyweight jackets dependent upon customer service review.